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"I have used your patches for many years with my teams who were younger. But guess what -- they work on the older kids too! When I started using the patches we started winning!" Coach Scott, WI

They make it more fun and you will enjoy the happiness and smiles they bring. Your time as a coach should be about creating good memories, and the patches will help.

"I had searched high and low and couldn't find anything as suitable as the patches you offer (especially for the price). I see you offer patches for all sports." Coach Dawn, TN

"I HAVE NEVER SEEN A BIGGER MOTIVATIONAL RESOURCE THAN THE PATCHES! The season before I started coaching the team was 3-3-2. Last season we were 7-0-1. Coach AB, USA,

"You have been really great!!! The kids really work hard to get their patches. We are really doing well; our record is 5-1-0. Thank you." Coach Tyler, CT, U.S.A